Composed by Salvatore some 15 years ago, Estrella's original recording wasn't officially released until 2018 when it featured on the album 'Spanish guitar con Ritm'O', by Salvatore's Ritm'O trio. It was structurally the same as the new Catz & Sichi version but instead of a piano it featured mandolin solo's. You can listen to the original version here .  The song was dedicated to and inspired by the great Paco de Lucia. 

Salvatore: 'The idea to have a piano in this song was there from the very beginning. At that time however, I didn't know any pianist that could do the song in a way that I felt the song needed. Now, years later, I was doing this project with Rieuwert Catz and it just struck me that his talent would be a perfect fit for this song.'

Musically, the song combines elements of Flamenco and Jazz; the alternation between improvised sections and a strong, recurring theme is reminiscent of some of the work by the late Chick Corea. 

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