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Salvatore Giusppe Sichi

Seen by many as one of the finest guitarists in the Netherlands Salvatore incorporates many different styles in his playing. Incorporating techniques from flamenco, classical, jazz and pop music, he has a distinct sound. As a guitarist he is inspired by Manitas de Plata, Paco de Lucia, Eric Clapton, B.B. Kings and Tonino Baliardo without copying them.
Salvatore also plays Mandolin, Ukulele, tenor Banjo and percussion

Salvatore plays a custom build flamenco guitar built by Leonardus

Describing himself as: 'a guitarist who happens to sing as well', Salvatore is, nonetheless, an accompished singer, often praised for his raw and passionate voice. 

Besides his work a a professional musician with Bandera Latina and other bands he's also an accomplished composer and producer, guitar teacher, author, illustrator and graphic designer. 

Known within the band as Mani D'Oro ( Hands of gold), El Dictador ( the Dictaror) his musical genius allows him to lead one of the best bands in the Netherlands.

In 2018 he released a solo album, La Mia Arte ( My Art), a collection of songs for which he could find no other purpose. Pop songs, jazz, Rumba Flamenca, a Christmas song
and his famous 'Cranky Old Man', based on the poem. 

An intriguing journey into the mind of a great musician.
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