Me Voy Contigo

Me Voy Contigo

Me Voy Contigo

After their debut album 'Spanish guitar con Ritm'O', filled with virtuoso Rumba Flamenca instrumentals the guys felt that their next release should reflect the more lighthearted tone of their live performances. Salvatore set to work with just a few rules to bear in mind: first of all, the song would have to be simple, with a catchy melody and an uptempo rhythm. Second, although very much inspired by the Gipsy Kings, the song should not sound like a copy or clone.  

After several drafts, Salvatore presented his song to Nezam and Gigi and a recording was made. After the initial reording of two guitars and bass, Salvatore dubbed in the vocals, the percussion and the guitar solo. In this relatively simple way, Me Voy Contigo was recorded ad subsequently released. 

The songs is about someone whose partner travels a lot and who one day decides that in order to be with the one he loves, he'll simply pack his bags and go with her. 

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