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Bandera Latina begun back in 1998 whe brother and sister Salvatore and Silvana
( Savannah) decided to start a band together. Through an appeal on local television they found their first band member, Gérard Baldeo. Allready a veteran musician, Gérard, or Gigi ( as he is known within the band) introduced them to percussionist Martin Gort and later to drummer Kenneth Stone. The latter would become an on and off member untill 2016 when he officially retired from music. In 2010 guitarist Michiel van Gessel joined the band, the fourth rhythm guitarist to take the position.
In that same year, Hans Andersson took over as bass player from Gigi, who continued to work with Salvatore and third rhythm guitarist Nezam in a trio under the name Ritm'O. 

Then, in 2016, when Kenneth Stone left the band for the last time, Salvatore asked drummer Ed Glasmacher, whom he knew from the band Caracola, to join Bandera Latina. In 2017 Ed suffered from physical problems and was temporarily replaced by percussion player Christine Schukking ( Also from the, by then broken up, band Caracola) 

Finally, in 2018, Ed returned while Christine remained. The new set-up, with drums and percussion makes Bandera Latina  more suited than ever for big stages and events. Also in 2018, Gigi returned to, once again, take over the bass guitar.

Through their vastly different musical backgrounds, and led by the virtuoso guitar playing of Salvatore, Bandera Latina's music is a melting pot of musical styles and ideas. The end result is an exiting mix of latin classics in a new jacket, rumba flamenca with latin influences, swing, bassa nova and much more,