The diva: Silvana

Bandera Latina's leading lady was a child prodigy who started playing first organ and later piano from a very young age. A skilled vocalist who can sing anything from jazz to classical music. When performing with Bandera Latina she switches between lead and backing vocals ( alternating with Salvatore) en also between the accordion, small percussion, kazzoo and, for bigger stages, the piano.

A bigger than life, charismatic personality, Silvana wins over any audience within seconds. On stage, Salvatore and Silvana form a perfect Yin / Yang with Salvatore providing the structure, leading the band and keeping everything tight while Silvana entertains and is what Salvatore calls: 'A dynamo of chaos'. Exploding with musical talent and enthusiasm Silvana really is the icing on the Bandera Latina cake.

Besides Bandera Latina Silvana is an English teacher and founder / choirmistress of the Arnhem based Confusion Koor


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